Platform changes for members of an Enterprise site

We have made some exciting, and user-friendly changes to our platform:

  • Generate Reports
    • In Generate Reports, we have simplified the ‘Columns’ section, which allows you to easily tell what columns will be included on your report, by simply check-marking the column selections that you would like included.

  • User Selector Tools
    • In some cases, you will see additional user selector tools that have been made available to you from your Enterprise site. These are especially useful if you’re tracking categories that overlap different departments (ie, a Supervisors group or a USAR group).  You can now add the profile group in the Enterprise site and the group will filter down to all connected organizations. 

    • To utilize these categories in your site, add the applicable users into the category from within the Modify Organization section of Manage Users.
  • Activities Builder
    • In Activities Builder, you now have the visibility into activities created in your Enterprise site. Within the Activities Builder, you can Edit the Activity Settings of each activity to customize how your users will access each activity (via Self Assign, Record Completions, etc)