March 16, 2016

TargetSolutions has released the following enhancements:

Supervisor Dashboard

Supervisors will now be able to see the assignments dashboard! The graphic will show data specific only to the users they oversee. Access to this new dashboard will be controlled by a setting available in Manage User Profile (where all other supervisor rights are controlled). Note that supervisors will not lose access to their current dashboard, a list of the users they oversee and last login date. If the supervisor has access to both dashboards, he will be able to toggle between the two.



Search in Manage Credentials

Administrators will now be able to search for credentials in Manage Credentials! This enhancement is especially helpful when you are managing many categories and credentials; it eliminates the need to expand each category to find a credential. This search, like others in our platform, is an instant search.


Activity Settings Default: Allow Recording as Complete

Currently, new activities default to allow recording as complete. This is an issue for our administrators who would forget to turn it off and end up cluttering up their Record Completions feature with activities that did not need to be there. This will help eliminate that problem.


Reports Housekeeping

We have increased the number of entries (data rows) viewable by default on both the standard and full screen report views to 100. Currently these pages default to 10 entries per page. We have also increased the maximum number of entries that could show on one page by adding options for 250, 500 and 1,000 entries. Previously, the options only went up to 100 entries.