Why Can't I Check the "I have read and agree" Box?

 Opening Attachments in TargetSolutions Assignments


Question: I was in an activity or course and I had to view an attachment (PDF, PowerPoint, etc). Now that I’m finished  viewing  the attachment, how to I get back to what I was doing in TargetSolutions?

Answer: TargetSolutions is open in another tab on your internet browser. Return to that tab in order to continue with your assignment (see below).


You cannot submit your assignment until you check the “I have read and agree” box, and you cannot check the box until you open the attachment. Click the blue link to open. Take notice of the tabs at the top of your screen, there is only one open and it is the current page.



The attachment now takes up the entire screen. It was automatically opened in another tab, just to the right of the TargetSolutions tab.



Once you are finished reading you can click the TargetSolutions tab, or you can click the X in the corner of the attachment tab.



You are now back in the TargetSolutions tab where you can check the “I have read and agree” box and continue with your assignment.