How do I Add and Assign a Resource?

Assigning users to view a resource, such as a video or PDF, takes 3 steps:

1. Add the resource to the File Center

2. Attach it to a custom activity

3. Assign out the activity to your users


1. Add the resource to the File Center

  • At your 'Home' page, open the File Center.

  • Click Upload File or Add Link.
  • If the file is saved on your computer, drag it to the uploader. In our example we will use a PDF.
  • If you are uploading a link to a website, click Web Address and then enter the URL. Click Add.

2. Attach it to a Custom Activity

  • Under Administration, select Activities Builder.


  • Select Create a New Activity.
  • Pick a Category, choose a Name, and then fill out any other relevant information. Then click Save.
  • This is your activity. Add any components from the list on the right that you need tracked. Most importantly, you need to add a Resource.
  • Select the resource from the File Center and add instructions. Require an E-signature if you want to be sure they opened the attachment.

3. Assign out the activity to your users

  • Under Administration, drop down the 'Assignments' tab.
  • Click 'Create New Assignments' 


  • Check the box next to the name of the activity that you just created. Then click Continue.
  • Choose the users desired users from Column 2. Once selected, they will appear in Column 3. You can narrow down your search by using Column 1.
  • You can now select Start and Due Dates, as well as Email Notification Settings. Click Submit when finished.