How do I Add Selections in Reportable Components?

Creating a list for users to choose from in reportable components:


This is a great tool to use when you want to limit the options that users can choose when filling out training, such as who their instructor was, or where they completed their training.


To get started:

  • Go to Activities Builder and open up ‘Manage Components’.
  • Select the Component from the drop down you would like to add a list of information to.
  •  Make sure to select ‘Multiple Choice’ so you can enter several options, see image below.
  • Also notice at the bottom, there is a box that says ‘Allow multiple selections’, if you would like your users to have the option of selecting more than one of the listed items, be sure to check that box.
  • Add information to make list and click submit.



 Now, when creating an Activity in Activities Builder, when you add the reportable component to the activity, in this case, ‘Instructor’ you will see the list you created in the ‘Manage Components’ section. Simply select ‘Limit Options’ and your list will appear and you will be able to select which options you would like your users to choose from. Just be sure to check the boxes next to which options you would like to appear in the activity. Click submit.



Below is what the activity looks like with the listed options. Now your users will be able to easily select the options that you provide for them, resulting in precise information and easy reporting.