May 15, 2014

New Overdue Assignments Report

This new report was built to make it easier for clients to run overdue assignment reports. We had received feedback about the overdue assignments filter in the Incomplete Assignments report was difficult to use. To solve this usability issue, we removed the overdue filter in the Incomplete Assignments report and built a brand new Overdue Assignments report.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The Incomplete Assignments report will still pull overdue assignments, we have just removed the ability to filter by Days Overdue.
  • The Overdue Assignments report will only show results for assignments that are overdue.
  • In the case where an assignment is less than a day overdue, the Overdue Assignments report will display Days Overdue in hours, rather than days. In the case where an assignment is more than 1 day overdue, the Days Overdue column will display a full day value, rounded down. So if an assignment is 1 day and 23.9 hours overdue, it will show as 1 day overdue.

Note that the Report Option filters in the Overdue Assignments are different from our other reports.



*Supervisors with access to the Incomplete Assignments report were automatically given access to the Overdue Assignments report.

Reporting Changes

  • The addition of certain data columns to specific reports
  • The single select Credential dropdown menu is now searchable (applies to the credential summary and credential exception reports)

Column Additions

User Status and TS User ID Columns

  • Added to all non-legacy reports, excluding the Test Analysis report
  • Not a default selection in any report
  • User's Status: Will display either Active, Offline, Inactive or Expired
  • TS UserID: The column shows the user's TargetSolutions User ID



Credential Information Columns

  • More Credential Information column options were added to the Credential Exception and Credential Summary reports
  • Original default options did not change



Credential Selection Dropdown Menu

Previously, it was cumbersome for clients with many Credentials to use the single-select dropdown menu in the Credential Summary and Credential Exception reports. There was no search and without knowing the category in which the desired Credential was located, it was very time consuming to scroll through hundreds of names to find it.

The previous dropdown menu was modified to behave more like the multi-select dropdown menus in Generate Reports. It now includes a search function.



Bug Fix: Fill-In Type Categories Now Hidden in Manage Organization

Categories (like Rank, Shift, etc.) can be set to include groups (like Firefighter, Captain, etc.) or they can be set to allow the user to fill in data. Common fill-in type categories are Hire Date, Address, Phone Number and similar. You cannot add groups to these categories, so they should not be included in Manage Organization, an application created to mass-manage groups and users within groups.



This is the beginning of a larger change that will show fill-in categories on the Account tab, rather than the Organization tab, in a user's profile in Manage Users.

Bug Fix: Bullet Function in Event Description WYSIWYG

The bullet tool wasn't working correctly in Event Description. When editing, it would appear to be working, but when the Event was saved, dashes instead of bullet points would appear in the event.

Bug Fix: Issue for Large Events

When Administrators or Supervisors attempted to save an Open Enrollment Event where enrollment was limited to too many groups, the save would fail, resulting in a plain white page.