Completing a Course or Activity

Users can access all assignments from the Schedule on the Home page or the My Assignments section. Click on the title to begin (or continue) an assignment.

How it works:

  • Click on the course you wish to take.
  • To navigate through the course, click the next or prev buttons at the top of the course slides.
  •  provides a list of lessons contained within the course.
  •  provides detailed information about the course itself. You can temporarily quit a course by pressing  at the very bottom of the navigation bar or the  logo at the top left-hand side of the navigation bar. Your progress will be saved, and you can resume the lesson at a later time.
  •  allows you to send your administrator an e-mail regarding a specific question about the course.
  •  allows you to take notes throughout the course. Make sure to click Save on each slide while entering notes. Your Notes will be saved in your History section upon completion of the course.
  •  provides navigational instructions to operate through the course.
  •  displays the percentage progress of completion for timed courses

Completing an Activity

In order to complete an activity, users first need to select the activity from the Schedule on the Home page or the My Assignments section. Here’s how it works:

  • To complete the activity, fill out all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) and review any attached documents or videos.
  • to submit the activity and have it recorded in your History. 

Note: Some activities contain tests created by administrators. Depending on the parameters selected for the test by the administrator, a user may or may not have the ability to complete the exam more than once if they fail to pass on the first attempt. It is important users answer all questions before submitting as complete. 

Also, the site Administrator has the ability to delete activities that have been recorded incorrectly. If you need an activity deleted from your History, contact your organization’s administrator. 

Flash Video

Many courses contain videos that require Adobe Flash. To view the content, you must have Flash installed on your computer. Here’s how to test your system: 

  • Turning on your computer speakers.
  • Clicking the play button (arrow) on the video.  

Taking Exams

After completing all course lessons, and reading the course summary, users are required to complete and pass a short, multiple-choice test. Here’s how it works: 

  • Answer all exam questions by clicking the button next to your answer and click Submit.
  • If you do not pass the exam, you may review any lesson within the course and re-take the exam.

Course Evaluations

Once a user has successfully completed a course, they will have the opportunity to complete a voluntary evaluation. Their responses will be sent to both TargetSolutions, and the organization’s site administrator for review.

Safety Suggestions

Users will also be given the opportunity to submit a suggestion to their administrator. This is not required. If a user does not wish to submit a suggestion, simply click Continue to skip.

Course Timers

Some courses contain timers in order to ensure users are spending the required amount of time to qualify for Continuing Education credit and regulatory standards. Each time a user hits the Next button in the course, it records the amount of time they spent on the previous page.

The completion timer will only log 5 minutes per slide before assuming the user is idle. If a user opens a course and then walks away, the time they left the course open will not be recorded. If a user quits a course, the system will remember how much time has been spent and start calculating from that amount the next time they log in. If the required amount of time is not reached, the system will prompt the user to spend additional time in the course.

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Completing a Course or Activity