Creating an Assignment for an Event

Administrators can assign training courses or activities to users who have enrolled in or attended an event. Here’s how it works:

    1. From the Administration tab, select Manage_Events_Icon.jpg Manage Events.
    2. Click on the event for which you'd like to create an assignment and click the Create New Assignment tab. This tab lists all event enrollees.
    3. Use the checkboxes to select the people for whom you'd like to create an assignment and click Continue_Button.jpg
    4. Click on the name of the event you want to manage.
    5. Select the courses or activities you wish to assign and click Continue_Button.jpg
    6. Confirm which users are going to be given the assignment and click Continue_Button.jpg.
    7. Enter a start date and due date, if applicable for the assignment, and click Continue_Button.jpg


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