Events Overview

The Events application gives administrators and supervisors with Add/Manage Events access the ability to create, schedule and track events. With this tool, administrators are able to manage user enrollment and attendance records, and set up event reminders so employees never miss a meeting. 

Manage Events is accessible through the Administration tab. There are two sections: Current, which shows all current or future events (today or after) and History, which shows all events occurring in the past (yesterday or before). Administrators can view and edit any event regardless of the creator, so all existing events will appear in these sections.

For supervisors with access to the Add/Manage Events right, the Current and History tabs behave the same, but only show events the supervisor created. For supervisors with access to certain rights for events created by others, more events may be available on this list (see Allowing Supervisors to Manage Events for more detail).


From the Manage Events feature, you can view and access events, access approval requests or create new events.

The attendance column features a quick-link to the Manage Attendance tab in events. This tab becomes available 5 minutes before the start of an event, which is when the Attendance_Pencil_Icon.jpg icon will appear. For more information on recording event attendance, see the Manage Attendance help article.

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