Test Library

Once an administrator has added their questions to the Question Bank, they can go to the Test Library to create a test.

  1. Click on  at the top of the page once all questions have been created.
  2. Click  within the Custom Tests: Test Builder page.
  3. You can from two views: 

          - Normal: View individual categories and their questions.

          - Advanced: Easily create New Questions and New Categories here rather than doing it from the Question Bank.

  4. Select the questions for the test either by transferring individual questions using the green arrow, or by click the blue arrow next to the category to transfer all questions. To remove a question, select the red X next to the question. If adding questions individually, you are able to drag the questions on the left to reorder them.
  5. Input the Test Namethe Passing Grade percentagechoose whether or not to Randomize Order, and whether the test’s Access should be Public or Private.
  6. When finished selecting questions for the test, you can  the new test.
Please see the following links for more information about Test Builder: