Assigning Activities

Platform managers can assign activities from Create New Assignments or from the activity build page in Activities Builder.

When you are finished creating an activity, you can assign it from the activity build page in Activities Builder by clicking the Create New Assignment icon . This quick link will route you to the Choose Users step of the assignment creation process. After selecting your users, click Continue. If necessary, provide dates and email settings for your assignment. Once you click Submit, your assignment will be created and you will be routed back to the activity build page in Activities Builder.

You can also assign activities from the Create New Assignments feature:

Administrators can assign activities the same way as regular courses. Here's how it works after selecting Create New Assignments from the Administration section:

  1. Check the boxes next to the activity or activities you would like to assign. Use the search bar at the top of the page to filter your visible list. You can also use  to narrow your results by Category and/or Tag. Click  once you have made your selection(s).
  2. Select the user(s) you w­­­ant to receive the assignment(s).

    Narrow By: This option allows you to utilize your User Groups to filter the list in the Select Users box.

    Select Users: You can further filter the list by using the Search at the top of the column. Check the box next to the name of each user you wish to assign training to. You may click Select all visible at the bottom to automatically check all boxes in the column.

    Remove Users: To remove a user from the list, either uncheck their name in the Select Users column, or click on their name in the Users Selected column. To reset the list, click Clear all to remove all users.

  3. After selecting your users, click .
  4. If necessary, provide dates and email settings for your assignments:

    a. Administrators now have the ability to send out an email to users either when the assignments become available and/or when the assignments are overdue. If the option for when the assignments become available is selected, it will not appear until the date entered in the Start Date field, unless left blank it will be sent immediately. 

    b. To assign the same date for all assignments selected, enter dates in the universal start and due date section.

    c. To schedule the course(s) in the future, include the future date in the Start Date field.  Please note that these courses will not show up on a user's home page until the selected Start Date.

    d. Include a Due Date and Time. If no time is selected, it will default to midnight of the specified date

  5. Confirm that the selected users and assignments are correct and click .


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