Creating Credential Alerts

Creating Credential Alerts

Creating Credential Alerts allows administrators, supervisors, and users to be notified about important dates regarding user credentials.

To add an alert, open up the desired credential, through ’Manage Credentials’ and click on ‘Add Alert’, once that has been selected, the drop down menu below will appear.



ALERT MESSAGE: Message to be included with the Alert sent to chosen recipients.


  • These choices determine when the alert will be sent.  Alerts can be sent on the expiration date of the credential, a certain number of days before the expiration, a certain number of days after the expiration, when all requirements for the credential have been met, and on the date of automatic renewal. This last option is only relevant if the credential was set up to be an auto renewing credential. For more information on auto renewing credentials, click here.


  • These choices determine who will receive the alert. Check boxes of users you would like to receive the alert. If you would like others to receive the notification who are not admin, supervisors or the user, you can add them by clicking on ‘Add Individual’. Note: if supervisor is selected, they will only be able to view users they have access over.


  • These choices determine the method of delivery of the alert. Notification is always selected,  meaning whoever is selected to receive the alert will receive a notification about the credential in their notification section.                                                                                                                                                          
  • If email is selected, an email alert will be sent to the selected users, along with the notification


Click Save and the alerts have been set.