Create Topics and Build Curriculum

Administrators can add different Topics, which need to be created before adding a course or activity to a Custom credential. Here’s how it works:


    1. In Manage Credentials, click the  Down Arrow next to the Credentials category containing your credential.
    2. Select the credential to which you would like to add curriculum.
    3. Click  on the right side of the Topics box.
    4. Type in the Name and Required Hours for the New Topic.
    5. In the User Options category, select one of the following choices.
    • Courses/Activities are viewable and can be accessed from the user’s detail page: This creates links to each course or activity from inside the credential on the users home page.
    • Courses/Activities are viewable and cannot be accessed from the user’s detail page:  Courses and activities are listed for the user.  The Administrator is in charge of assigning the training.
    • Courses/Activities are not viewable or accessible from the user’s detail page:  The list of training is not viewable to the user.

  6.  In the Overflow Option category, choose to check or uncheck the box that states: Allow overflow hours from other topics. Creating an overflow category allows users to count additional training from a different category after they have met the required number of hours.

 7.  Click


Now that the Topic has been created, you can add courses and/or activities to it.


  1. Click the icon next to the Topic.
  2. Select the courses or activities that apply to your credential topic.  You can use the Search bar at the top of the window to narrow the list of training.
  3. Click



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