How do I print last year’s Credential Summary Report?

When you run a Credential Summary Report, it will automatically generate based on the start and expiration dates of each user in the credential. Usually this is helpful, but in the case where you want to see what your users had done in a past license period, you will need to make some minor modifications.


  1. Change the Credential dates back to the previous dates - Open the desired credential in Manage Credentials, and Mass Update the dates back to the previous license period.


  1. Run the Report- go back to Generate Reports, and run your Credential Summary Report. It will populate based on the edited dates. (Tip: Save the results of this report. Since the dates have already passed and this license period is no longer in progress, you will not need to run this report again.)   


  1. Change the Dates back to the current dates – go back to Manage Credentials and Mass Update the dates again, this time back to the current period.