Create New Event

Administrators have the ability to create, schedule and track events. Creating new events can be managed either through the Home page, or under the Administration tab.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In  Events, click on .
  2. Then fill in the following information:
  • Name: Indicates the event’s name.
  • Start Date: Date and time the event will begin. Start time defaults to today’s date and current hour.
  • End Date: Date and time the event will end. End time defaults to one hour after the event start time.
  • Time Zone: Default time zone is set by TargetSolutions for your organization’s account. Contact your account manager to change your website’s default time zone.
  • Location: Indicates where the event will be held.
  • Description: The event description provides users additional information about the event. For example, if making a Web Event, you can include the conference call information in the event description field.
  • Web Event: If your organization has purchased a Web Events license, a designated administrator will have the ability to schedule a Web Event by checking the Web Event box. If an organization would like to give more than one administrator the ability to create and host web events, it can contact TargetSolutions' client services team for information. After a Web Event has been created by an administrator, the event will appear in the Open Events section of the Organization’s home tab. Users can access the Web Event by clicking on the “Join Web Event” selection from inside My Enrolled Events.
  • Enrollment: By selecting Closed Enrollment, only the event creator can enroll users in an event. The event will not appear to users in the list of Open Events. By selecting Open Enrollment, the event will appear to users in their list of Open Events. However, administrators can limit which users will be able to enroll in the event using the following settings: 
    • Close enrollment when __ users enroll: Once the specified number of users has enrolled in the event, the event will be removed from the list of Open Events and no additional users will be able to enroll.
    • When a user enrolls, require approval: Lets event creators require approval by Administrators or the Supervisor of the enrollee. When this setting is on, event creators always have the ability to approve enrollment requests. Event creators can also set up the event to where only they can approve or deny requests.

    • Close enrollment on __ (select date and time): Once the specified date and time arrives, the event will be removed from the list of Open Events and no additional users will be permitted to enroll.
    • Limit enrollment to users in the following groups: Lets administrators control who sees the event in their list of Open Events.
  • Notifications (multiple boxes can be checked):
    • Send e-mail notification to users at the time they enroll: Sends an e-mail to users when an administrator enrolls them in an event, or once they enroll themselves in the event.
    • Send e-mail reminder to enrolled users __ days before the event: Automatically sends a reminder e-mail to all users enrolled in an event. Administrators can specify the number of days before the event this e-mail will be generated.
    • Send e-mail notification to alert users that the event is available for enrollment: Sends an e-mail alert announcing a new event.
    • When a user enrolls, notify: Me, Administrator, Supervisor: Sends a notification to the event creator or the chosen user type(s) when a user enrolls. Notifications are sent through the platform and through email.

Note: All e-mails will come from 

   3. Click  to submit the event. You can also click , which gives you the ability to designate who was invited to an event and whether or not they attended it.


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