November 16, 2016

TargetSolutions has released the following enhancements:

‘Days Overdue’ Column in the Completions Report

We have added a column option in the Completions report that calculates the difference between an assignment due date and when the assignment was actually completed. Note that the calculation of this column for activities is based on Date Submitted and not Completion Date.

Improvements to the Output of the ‘Days Until Expiration’ Column in Credential Reports

This is an improvement that makes our report results easier to understand. We’ve changed the output of this column to simply say ‘Expired’ when the user credential is expired, rather than deliver a negative number. This change applies to the Credentials and Credentials – User Progress Summary reports.

Report API Improvements

We have improved the engine that generates the reports pulled from the Completions, Incomplete Assignments and Credentials report APIs. No action is necessary for clients using these APIs. They can call the APIs as normal and should see a marked improvement in performance (speed).