October 5, 2016

TargetSolutions has released the following enhancements:

New Design for the Credential Detail Page

We have redesigned the Credential Detail Page to improve usability. The new design gives users a better picture of their overall and per topic progress. We have added search capability and buttons that allow the user to see only completed training or only training that applies.


We have also improved the visibility for completions that count toward overflow topics. The completion will show in both the originating topic and the overflow topic and will show the correct credit applied to each. For instance, if you have a completion worth 4 hours and 1 hour of it applied to overflow, the completion will show in the originating topic as counting for 3 hours and in the overflow topic counting for 1 hour. These completions appear in italics to allow the user to quickly distinguish them.

Username Column in All Reports

We have added Username as a column option in all reports except the Tests – Question Analysis report (it returns no user data).