September 14, 2016

TargetSolutions has released the following enhancements:

Quick Link to Record Completions

We have added a quick link to the Record Completions application to the homepage for administrators and supervisors with access to the application. This is a setting that can be turned on or off by your account manager here at TargetSolutions. We have automatically added this quick link to our Fire Department and Law Enforcement clients. If you would like to enable or disable this quick link, please call your account manager.

Improvements to the Completions - Exception Report:

We have changed the Completions - Exception report to include more valuable information. Previously, the report showed the users who did not complete the courses or activities chosen when building the report. Now, the report will detail which of the specified courses were not completed. Each row of the report will return the user's name, plus the assignment that was not completed.