Column Descriptions: Credential Information

Listed below are detailed descriptions of each of the columns available to add to Credential Reports:

Attachments:  In web view only, any attachments loaded to a user's credential record are accessible via link. If multiple files are attached, the report row height expands to accommodate each file link. In the exported report, the Attachments column displays "Yes" for completions with attachments.

Credential Name:  Name of credential

Credential Number:  Number of the credential

Days To Expiration:  Number of days remaining until expiration. Note that Days To Expiration will read 1 until 11:59pm the day before the expiration date. After that time, the column would read 0.

Expiration Date:  Expiration date of the credential

Notes:  Notes given to the particular credential for the particular user

Start Date:  Start date of the credential

Status:  Status of the credential, status options are: Active, Inactive, Expired