Scheduled Tests – Question Analysis Report

The Test Analysis report provides Administrators and Supervisors with access with a comprehensive overview of the test statistics. When running this report, information will be provided for each individual question within the test, including:

  • What category the question is from
  • What the question is
  • When the question was last edited
  • How many times a question has been answered
  • What percentage the question is answered correctly vs. incorrectly
  • What the most frequent answer for a question is
  • All the possible answers for each question.

NOTE: The purpose of this report is to allow the test author to gauge how effective their test questions are/have been. The report will pull all test completion data for analysis. Even if the Activity completion is deleted, the test results will still be factored into the analysis. Likewise, even if the user never submits the Activity as complete, just takes the test and saves the Activity, the report will analyze those responses too.

This article will show you how to run a scheduled Tests – Question Analysis report, if you’re looking to see the results of your report immediately, click here.

Here’s how it works:

  • Access Generate Reports under the Administration
  • Press the Create New Report button to start.
  • Select Tests – Question Analysis from the Report Type drop down list.
  • Select a test from the Test drop down list.

Scheduling and sharing options:

Schedule – Designates this report as a scheduled report that should be run automatically.

  • Check the box for ‘Schedule this report to run...’
  • A Schedule window will populate, and from here you will select how often you would like the report to be run (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
    • For a more detailed description on what each of these options means, view our Scheduling Options article
  • A Run Report option will appear for all reports that are not daily, which will provide you with the ability to select when you would like the report to be run.
    • If you choose 0 for this option, the report will run on the last day of the week/month/year.  By choosing an offset of 1 or more days, the report will be run that many days after the last day of the week/month/year.  For instance, if in June you schedule a completions report to run monthly with an offset of 3, your report will run on the third of July. The completion data will be from June 1st to June 30th.

Share – Allows you to share your report with other administrators and supervisors with access:

  • Check mark the box for ‘Share this report with...’
  • A Select users window will populate, and from here, you are able to select the administrators and/or supervisors that you would like to share the report with.

Notify – Allows you to select how you would like to be notified when your reports are ready:

  • Check one or more of our notification options
    • Me by notification will notify you within the platform in your ‘My Notifications’ section.
    • Me by email will notify you via email.
    • Users I’m sharing with by notification will notify any Administrators or Supervisors that you shared the report with via their ‘My Notifications’ section.
    • Users I’m sharing with by email will notify any Administrators or Supervisors that you shared the report with via email.

Select how you want your report to look - this area provides you with the ability to customize the report you are running.

  • Title: Create a new Title for your report
  • Columns: This section provides you the ability to add or remove selected constraints to your report. You can add or remove check marks by simply check-marking/uncheck-marking the column selections that you would like.
    • User Columns: Populates user-related selections
    • Assignment Columns: Populates assignment-related selections.
    • Component Columns: Populates component-related selections.
  • Sort By: Allows you change the order in which the information will be displayed in your report

Narrow down your report to specific data – this area provides you with the ability to filter your report only on certain pieces of information.

  • User Status: Defaults to show only users with Active or Offline accounts, but can also be modified to include Inactive accounts as well
  • Users: Ability to run report on only a selected group of users or specific users
    • Select Groups: Filter your report to run only on specific groups of users as defined in your Organization Profile
    • Select Users: Filter your report to run only on specific user or users

Click the Schedule button to schedule your report to run on your desired frequency.

After your report has been set up, you will see it listed in the Schedules tab along with the details associated (How often it will be run, the last time the report was ran, and the next time it will be run).

To make any changes to your report after it has been scheduled, check the box next to the report name and use the buttons that appear at the top of your screen - See All Runs, Copy, and Unschedule)

  • See all runs: Provides you with a list of each time that specific report was run. To view, download, print, email, copy or delete each individual report, check the box next to that report and use the buttons along the top of the screen.
  • Copy: Brings you back to the report editing section with all of our settings, columns selected, and filters saved. You can use the report as a template and make any necessary edits from here.
  • Unschedule: Will remove the report from being scheduled and that report will no longer be run automatically in your account.