How do I create a Custom Test?

You have built an activity using the Activities Builder, and now you would like to quiz your users on the content. To insert a graded multiple choice test into your activity, you will want to use the Free Form Test Component.


  • The reason Test is greyed out is because you have yet to create a test. To do this, open the Test Builder application under Administration. Before you can create a test, you need to add your questions. Click Question Bank from the grey bar in your Test Builder.


  • Click New Category, and title the folder for the set of questions you are about to create. This will keep them organized for when you have many sets of questions in your Question Bank.


  • Click New Question, and enter your first multiple choice question. Under your list of potential answer choices, indicate to the right which answer choice should be marked as Correct when graded.


  • Keep adding questions into your category until you have reached your desired number.


  • Click Test Library, and then New Test.


  • On the left side under Question Bank, you are choosing which questions should be included in your test. Select your category, and then click the blue arrow next to the Category name to select all of your newly created questions. Under Test Detail, choose a name for your Test, and the grade which your users must receive in order to pass. Then, click Save.


  • Go back to the Activities Builder, and open your activity. Click Test under Free Form Components.


  • Select your new test and write instructions for your users. Decide if they must pass it on the first try, or they can take it again if they fail (you can run a report and see how many attempts they took). Then click Submit.


  • Your activity is ready to be assigned to your users. The test will open in a Pop-up window.


  • As an administrator, you can run a Completions Report in the Generate Reports application and see the Test Score for each of your users. For more detailed information, such as statistics for each question, you can run the Test Completions and Test Analysis Reports.