March 18, 2015

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility

We are now IE11 compatible. The following 3 projects were developed as part of this effort:

New WYSIWYG Editor in the Bulletin Board
There is a lot of cool new stuff you can do with the new bulletin board editor. It keeps the original text formatting tools of the old editor, but includes more options, including super and sub script and strikethrough. Additionally, it includes the ability to insert special characters, anchors, horizontal lines and the current date and/or time. There is a table creation and management tab that lets you build and customize tables within the bulletin board.

The html source edit option still exists, but there is now the option to turn on a feature called "code", which allows you to write your html edits straight into the board without opening the source window.

Most notable is the ability to insert both images and videos without needing to learn html! To insert an image, you'll need the image source. To insert a video, you can either take the video source, or use an embed code.


IMAGE TIP: You can get the image source by right clicking on the image and selecting "Copy Image Location" (in Firefox), "Copy Image URL" (in Chrome) or by clicking "Properties" and copying the address URL (in IE).

VIDEO TIP: Click here to see the difference between a source and an embed code.

For more information about this new editor, check out our help document on Bulletin Board Customization.


Updates to the File Upload Tool in File Center
There is a new order of operations when uploading files to the File Center. Clients will now add files to the queue and click a "Start upload" button, rather than the upload starting automatically after files are added to the queue.

Upload tool before files are in the queue:

Note the grayed out "Start upload' button.

Upload tool after files are in the queue:

Uploading multiple documents at a time is still supported.

For more information on how to use the upload tool, check out our help document on the File Center.


Support for SCORM Courses
SCORM courses were not able to be completed in IE11 without a work around. SCORM courses will now work in IE11 as they do in all other browsers and versions 8-10 of IE.