How do I Change My Email and Username?

First, log in with current username. Once you are on your homepage, click My Profile


You can’t edit your username until you add your new email address. Click Edit next to Email


Click Add a new email


Enter the desired address and click Add


The email is now Pending Validation. You need to check your email to validate


You will see this message in your Inbox. Click the link to validate the address (If you don’t see it in your Inbox, check your Junk or Spam Folder)


The link will take you to the following page. Your address is now validated


Back at My Profile, you will see the address is validated. Now click Edit Username


 Fill the circle next to your new email address. Then click Save


Now, you can go back to Edit Email and delete the old account


NOTE: If you add your new email address successfully, but cannot change your username to the new address, it is because that option has been blocked for your site. You will need to contact your site administrator in your department in order to make this change.