How do I embed an Image into an Activity?

Administrators or Supervisors with access have the ability to embed images into activities. Here's how: 

  • Open the File Center, and upload your image (.jpg, .gif, .png).

  • You must enable file sharing for the image to populate in your Activity. To enable sharing, check mark the box stating 'Anybody with this link can view this resource' in the 'Details' portion below, then hit 'Update.'

  • Be sure that you are happy with the location of your file. If you move it to a different folder later, it will no longer be embedded. Once it is in its permanent location, click the link to open the file.
  • Copy the URL of the link, then return to the TargetSolutions tab.


  • Under Administration, select Activities Builder. Then, either click Create a New Activity or select the name of the activity you want to add your image to.

  • Fill in your Activity with any applicable Reportable Components listed on the right. The important one to add is the Text Free Form Component.


  • In the pop-up window, insert the following embed code: <img src=LinkGoesHere> and the paste in the web address to replace the red text. Then, click Submit.


  • Your image is now embedded into your Activity.