How can users submit an attachment with their activity?

You can create a custom activity that includes a Request File Component. This can be useful if you need to gather signed documents, outside training certificates, photographs of incidents, etc.


Gathering the Information

Under Administration, select Activities Builder. Then, select Create New Activity.


Fill out the New Activity information, and then click Save.



This will bring up your blank activity template. Use the Reportable Components and Free Form Components on the right to build your activity. The important one to add is the Request File Component.



If your users MUST submit an attachment with the activity, be sure to check the box to make it a required field.



Once your activity is ready and is then assigned, this is how it will appear to your users. The "Browse..." button will search through all available files on the computer. Once they select the one they need, they will click Open to attach it.


Accessing the Information

Once the activity has been recorded as complete by the user, you can run a report to access the attachment. The report most commonly utilized for this purpose is a Completions report. Under Administration, click Generate Reports, then click on the Create New Report button.


Once you are in the New Report interface, select your report type. In this instance, please select Completions from the Select Report Type drop-down menu. 

You will now be able to establish the appropriate criterion for this Completions report. To be able to view any attachments, you must check the Attachments box, located in the Columns section.


Next, please continue to establish the criterion for your report. Scroll down until you locate the Courses, Activities, and Events section. From here, click on the drop-down menu and choose the Select Specific option. A new window will appear, which will allow you to select the specific course or activity that contains the attachment. 


When you are ready, run your report. Once the report has generated, enter the report by clicking on the hyperlink (the title or name of the report).


Once the report information is visible, use the navigation bar to scroll to the right until you locate the Attachments column. Click on the hyperlink to view the attachment.