Why aren't my user's completions counting towards their Credential?

If you completed an assignment on TargetSolutions and can find it in your My History section, but not in the Completions for your Credential, check for the following issues:

1. Is my date range valid?

  • Open your Credential and you will see a Start Date and Expiration Date listed at the top.

  • Click My History and find your completion. Did you complete the assignment within the credential Date Range? If you completed your assignment before the start date, or after the expiration date, the completion will not count towards your credential. Since this was submitted after the 01/01/2014 expiration date, this completion won’t work for the credential.

  • If your Credential Start and Expiration date are updated so your completion falls within the range, you will then see that your assignment will be automatically moved to Completions. In this example, by moving the Expiration date forward one year, the activity is now credited.

2. Is the course the same?

  • Open your Credential and look for your course on the list of Requirements. If you are able to click the course and launch it from that screen, then you can be sure you took the correct course. If you used Self Assign or if the course was sent as an assignment, you will want to check on this.
  • Click My History and find the course. Does the title match exactly to what is listed in Requirements? Even if the name is only slightly different, the course will not count towards your credential. In this example, the difference between “Example Activity” and “EMS Example Activity” caused the error.