How do I Embed a Video from the Web into an Activity?

If you find a video online that you would like your users to watch, you would put the link into the File Center, and then Add a Resource to a Custom Activity. But, it will appear as a link. Your user will need to click the link and it will direct them to the other website.


To avoid this step, you can embed the link into your activity so the video will play directly from TargetSolutions.



1. Go online and find the video you would like to assign.


2. On Youtube, the next step is to click Share, and then Embed. All video hosting sites will have a similar process, though the layout might be slightly different. Always look for the word “Embed” and you will know you’re in the right place if the code begins with <iframe. Right click and Copy the code.


3. Open a blank document or email, right click, and Paste the code.


4. You will notice all the Quotation Marks in the code. Those must be removed. Your video will not display properly in the Activities Builder if you skip this step!


5. Log into TargetSolutions. Under Administration, select Activities Builder. Open up your desired activity, or create a new one.


6. Under Free Form Components, select Text. Right click and paste in your code. Check again to make sure there are no quotation marks. Then click Submit.


Congratulations! The video is now embedded in your Activity, and ready to be assigned to your users.