How do I add a "live" Google Doc to the Bulletin Board?

Let’s say you have an Excel Spreadsheet or any sort of document that you need to share with your users. Instead of sending out a static table, one you would need to replace and re-share every time you need to make an adjustment, you can use a Google Doc that will automatically update. This is called a “live” spreadsheet. Then, you can embed the Google Doc in your TargetSolutions Bulletin Board. This way, every time you update the document, the Bulletin Board will automatically update as well and your users will see this new information.

1. Create a Google Doc at - it’s free! You can either enter your information, or import it from an existing file from your computer. Once it is ready to be shared, click File and then Publish to Web.


2. On the Publish to the Web window, Click Start Publishing.


3. Under Get a link to the published data, switch it from Web to HTML to embed in page. This will generate a code for you. You will know you did it right if it begins with <iframe. Highlight the code, right click, and select Copy.


4. Now log in to TargetSolutions. Click the gear icon on the top right corner of the Bulletin Board.


5. On the Edit page, click HTML. This brings up a window where you can enter embed codes.


6. Now Right click and Paste in the code. Then, click Update.


7. Save the changes to the Bulletin Board, and you will see your live spread-sheet in there. All users will see this when they log in. You can test it out by going back to your Google Doc and adding new information. Now switch back to TargetSolutions, and you will see the Bulletin Board changed as well.