How do I Add a Link to the File Center in the Bulletin Board?

Administrators or Supervisors with access are given the ability to add links/hyperlink into the Bulletin Board that link to files within the File Center.

  • Ensure that the document's link/hyperlink is set to share. Please view article here on how to share File Center documents with outside entities.
  • Once the file is set to share, open the desired document within the File Center
  • Copy the entire URL address at the top of the screen

  • Go to the Bulletin Board, and click on the Gear icon.

  • Click on the 'Insert/edit link' icon (chain icon)

  • Paste your File Center URL into the 'URL' box
  • Type in the the text you want hyperlinked into the 'Text to display' box
  • For the Target selection, 'None' opens the link in the same window, and 'Target' opens the link in a new window. 
  • Press the blue 'Ok' button once you have filled out the form

  • Press the green 'Submit' button to finalize your Bulletin Board.
  • At the Home page, you will now see this text linked/hyperlinked in the Bulletin Board.