How Do I Mass-Update Credential Start and End Dates?

  • First go to ‘Manage Credentials’ and open the credential you would like to update the start and end dates for, by clicking on the listed credential.

  • Once the credential opens up, click on the gear icon in the ‘Users’ box. See picture below.

  • The Next screen that opens lists the users that are in the credential. In order to change the start and end dates for the users in the credential, click on the ‘Modify Users’ box on the right-hand side of the screen. After clicking on the ‘Modify Users’ button a screen with the listed users will appear, allowing you to choose some, or all of the users you would like to alter the credential dates for, press continue.

  • After selecting the users to modify and pressing continue, you are taken to this page. This is where you enter the new or modified start and end dates for the users you selected. All users selected on the previous screen will be updated with the start and end dates entered here. Press Finish and you will see the updated dates for your users.