How do I Issue and Track Custom EMS Content?

This article will walk you through the following:

  • Create an activity for EMS CE training
  • Attach a custom certificate to the activity
  • Add the activity to the corresponding EMS credential
  • Capture and track all necessary information
  • Generate a TargetSolutions report to reflect this data


Begin by building your new Custom Activity to document EMS CE training:

Select the Administration tab


Select the Activities Builder


 You can then create a new activity


Or, you can open an existing activity and make a copy of it




If you have an associated custom certificate, go back to Edit Activity Settings and check the “attach custom certificate” box. Then enter your desired text, which can be copied and pasted from previous activities


For more information on the Activities Builder, please view our Activities Builder Tutorial


You can now add your EMS CE Activity to the corresponding credential:

Under the Administration Tab, select Manage Credentials


Select the desired credential from the drop-down


 Click the green plus sign to add a course or activity to a topic


Type the name of the activity into the search bar, check the box next to the name, and then click Add


Under the topic drop-down you will see your activity listed. Click the name to put in CE Provider information and then click Save


For more information on Credentials, please view our Manage Credentials Tutorial


How the EMT CE activity is completed and recorded for your users:

You can assign the training to your users by clicking Create New Assignments under Administration


For more information on creating assignments, please view our New Assignment Tutorial

This training can also be recorded on behalf of the user by a supervisor or administrator using Record Completions


For information on recording completions, please view our Record Completions Tutorial


How completion records for the activity are tracked within the credential:

  •  All completions for your activity will be shown in a Credential  Summary Report
  •  Users can pull this information individually or administrators can for all users


 For more information on these reports, please view our Credential Summary Report and Individual Credential Report Tutorials


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