I am a Supervisor - why are some people not showing up on my reports?

As a supervisor, you have been assigned specific rights to view certain people and applications by your department's administrator. If you are concerned that your user list is incomplete, please notify your administrator and request that they adjust your supervisor rights.

Administrators: often, users may not be assigned to a specific group in their user profile. Due to the way supervisor rights are assigned, if a user is not listed in a given group, the supervisor will not be able to access the individual. Please access the Manage Users tool under the Administration tab in order to add the user to their respective group.

Supervisory rights can be a little tricky, so please note the explanation below:

As you move down between Categories (“Categories” are defined, in the example below as Battalion, Rank and EMS Classification), the more restrictive the Supervisory rights become.  So, if you have all Battalions, Ranks and EMS Classifications checked – every user has to have something selected for each one of these groups in order for them to show up.  If a user has nothing filled out for the EMS Classification group, the supervisor actually will not be able to see that user. If you want your supervisors to oversee all users you need to select one category that every user in the organization has filled out, and select all for only that category.




All Users: