Training Records API - RMS Code

What is RMS Code?

It allows you to associate a secondary course ID to courses and activities.

Why do I need it?

This field eliminates the need for those using our Training Records web service to create a ‘look-up table’ corresponding between our courses/activities and the records in the 3rd party RMS software. This step can present a challenge  because activities can be created at any time, which means the addition of course IDs that then must be added to the client-maintained ‘look-up table’. Basically, the field eliminates manual maintenance on an otherwise potentially automatic process.

How do I get it?

Call your account manager.


Basic Function and Access

To start associating a RMS Code with a course or activity, the administrator must add the code to the entry field from the Course Library or Activities Builder. To stop associating the code, they simply need to delete the code from field.

RMS Codes must be 25 characters or less and can include the following: numbers, letters, periods, dashes, parentheses, underscores, slashes and commas.


RMS Code in Activities Builder

  • The RMS Code entry field appears on the Edit Activity Settings and New Activity forms. The code is saved when the green Save button is clicked on either form.
  • Validation occurs on the field when the administrator clicks the save button. If the code is invalid, a validation message appears in the same style as other activity setting fields. The code must be valid for the form to Save successfully.



RMS Code in Course Library

  • The RMS Code entry field appears in the RMS Code section in the Course Settings pod. The section works like other fill-in fields in Course Library: to edit the code, click the gear icon and to save it, click the Save button.
  • The code can be added to TS courses as well as SCORM courses. To add the same code to multiple courses, selected the desired courses (can be a combination of TS and SCORM courses) and add the code to the RMS code field.
  • Validation occurs on the field when the administrator clicks the Save button. If the code is invalid, the field will revert back to the value it was before the Save button was clicked.


RMS Code Behavior

  • When a code is added to a course or activity, all past and future completions of that course/activity will be associated with the code. There is no date stamping for codes.
  • When a code is cleared from a course or activity (the field is saved with zero characters), no code will be associated with any past or future completions for that course/activity.


RMS Code in Reports

  • Note that RMS Code is not a component. It does not appear in any component report.
  • The RMS Code will be a field automatically included in the API report, regardless of whether or not the client has RMS Code access.
  • The RMS Code field will appear underneath assignment information (at the very bottom of the list) in display options for the Completions report.