February 28, 2013

Release Items:

  • Generate Reports
    • Added 3 columns under assignment information in the completions and component completions report
      • Recorded By: Will show which administrator or supervisor recorded assignment on behalf of the user through the Record Completed Activities application
      • Date Submitted: Will show the date the activity was submitted as completed rather than the completion date that is entered in the Date Complete componenet  (This can still be viewed through the Completion Date filed)
      • Assigmnet Method: Will show the way the user received the assignment or how it was completed for them. Ex, Create New Assignment, Record Completed Activities, and Self-Assign.
    • Re-arranged the order columns appear in Completions and Incompletion Assignment report Display Options.

We also fixed some bugs:

  • Corrected bug that was interfearing with resending verification/validation emails