TargetSolutions Security and Availability Features

Secure and Redundant Platform

TargetSolutions is a cloud application platform used by organizations to manage and deliver high quality training and records management. Our platform allows organizations to focus on training and records management while focusing on cloud infrastructure availability and security of your data. Security of your data and the anytime-availability of our applications is TargetSolutions’ top priority. Our platform is designed to protect customers from threats by applying security using top-tier technology and continually auditing our security. We present the best customer experience and data protection possible.

Data Centers

TargetSolutions physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within two secure SSAE 16 colocation data center facilities. Each region is in a separate geographic to achieve the greatest possible fault tolerance, stability and load distribution. In addition, portions of the TargetSolutions infrastructure are hosted with Amazon’s secure data centers and utilize the Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 technology.

 TargetSolutions colocation providers

Hosting Infrastructure

TargetSolutions owns and maintains key components of its core delivery infrastructure allowing a high degree of control for service excellence and security. By utilizing “best in class” hardware solutions such as Dell PowerEdge Servers, Cisco Networking devices along with EMC VNX storage area network, TargetSolutions cloud application platform is designed for complete redundancy and fault tolerance. In addition TargetSolutions has implemented enterprise grade visualization technologies that allow for seamless and rapid application scaling to meet customer load 24x7.

Best in Class Applications

TargetSolutions built its reputation with developing and delivering training solutions with Adobe ColdFusion middleware and Oracle database as its core platform for enterprise class service, stability and security. With total “encryption in transit” SSL encryption for secure end to end transition of our data, along with “encryption at rest” achieved by utilizing Oracle Advanced Security be confident that your data is private and secure. In addition, the training platform database design authenticates all users and sites with user controlled usernames and password which are encrypted, while also providing the customer with the ability to login with OpenID as an alternative method to authenticate. TargetSolutions personnel have administrative application accounts with unique credentials to track all administrative activities. All production data is replicated in real time to back up servers using Oracle Active Data Guard, which enables zero data loss disaster recovery.