System Specifications

System Requirements

In order to run TargetSolutions successfully on your computer, please make sure you are up-to-date with the following system requirements:

Browser: Internet Explorer v9-v11, Mozilla Firefox v24+, Safari, Google Chrome v27+

OS: Windows98+, Mac OS 9+, Mac OS X+

Cookies: Enabled

CSS: Enabled

Minimum Bandwidth: 1 Mbps


System Recommendations

Browser: Mozilla Firefox v27+,

Bandwidth: 1.5 Mbps to stream video

Other: Audio capabilities (speakers and/or headphones)



You'll also want to make sure that you can receive emails from  This is necessary in order to validate your email in our system, which is a required step when you first log in. You may need to whitelist targetsolutions as a valid sender in your spam filtering software.  To do this, make sure that is listed as a valid email and targetsolutions is listed as a valid domain.  Below is additional information about our email server that might be required to perform the whitelisting. 




Note: Do not use the 'Address" (i.e. as the source name for white listing.  You will need to use the symbolic (FQDN) of


TargetSolutions Contacts:

To ensure you receive important correspondence from your Account Managers and Support Staff it is highly recommended you add to the accepted senders domain. It may be necessary to add the primary mail gateway servers:



Note: Do not use the 'Address" (i.e. as the source name for white listing.  You will need to use the symbolic (FQDN) of



Using TargetSolutions in a Restricted Environment

To use TargetSolutions with restricted internet access, you must allow access to these domains with the indicated ports:

Integration Information

The most up to date information regarding Web Service Application Programming Interface (API) for clients to use in order to access course and activity completion data from outside the TargetSolutions system can be found at the following location: