Browser Check Tool

You may receive an error message stating you have been logged out due to inactivity. This is caused by the privacy settings on your browser. To test your browser, visit


This will check your browser to ensure that you have all of the capabilities necessary to operate our program efficiently. The areas you will want to look at are the following:


Browser type and version

Browser – Name of browser being used.

Full version – Version


System Details

Platform – Name of “OS”, or Operating System


Scripting Capabilities

JaveScriptVer – Version of JavaScript being used

(This can also be available under Java Information JavaVersion)


Browser Security

SessionCookies – “True” = Enabled, “False” = Disabled


Display and Layout

StyleSheets – “True” = Enabled, “False” = Disabled


Plug-In Information

Plugin_Flash – Version of flash being used


Please see the following links for more information about Troubleshooting: 

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