The Forum is a web-based discussion board inside TargetSolutions’ online training and records management system. The application fosters discussion, solicits feedback, and allows users to trade ideas in a secure online location.

The Forum application is open to both administrators and users and is accessible through the Home page.

Here’s how to create a new post:

  1. On the Home page, select Forum from the left menu bar.
  2. Select 
  3. Enter your post’s Topic name, choose whether or not it should be Visible to all users, and enter content into the Post box.
  4. Click 

Note: Administrators have the ability to edit or delete posts by themselves and their users. To edit or delete a post, open a post and click on the Edit Icon on the bottom right of the post. When scrolling over the edit button, the text will read “Click here to edit the topic.” Click on the icon, you’re your changes, and click . You can also  the post or l any changes.

Here’s how to reply to a post:

  1. Inside a Forum post, select the Blue Arrow Icon on the bottom right of the post you wish to respond to. When scrolling over the reply button, the text will read “Click here to reply to this post.”
  2. Enter your response and click .


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