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Users can edit their personal information with the My Profile link by clicking the name of the user at the top right-hand corner of the Home page.

My Profile features users’ personal information, including Account and Organization.

  • Account allows a user to change his or her password, Email Address,  and update security questions.
    • Username: Depending on the setting selected by the users administrator, users may be able to change their username to a different confirmed email or a different username.
    • Password: Users can edit their password by clicking the edit icon to the right of the password field. Enter the old password and new password and hit save
    • Email: Users can add new emails to their account through the email field. Hit edit on the email field and then click "Add a New Email". You will enter the new email, click add, and then receive a notification that a verification email has been sent to the new email. The new email will appear as (pending validation) until you follow the directions in the verification email.
    • Security Questions: You can choose and fill out two security questions to use for password recovery. 
  • Organization allows the user to update  some of the groups set up by the site Administrator.

Users have the ability to change this information at their own discretion.


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