My Credentials

My Credentials shows a list of all the credentials, their numbers, and their applicable dates. By clicking on a given credential, users can view credential information, including requirements and previous completions.

  • To access, select the 'My Credentials' tab on your homepage

  • My Credentials shows their status, a list of all the credentials, their numbers, their percentage progress, and their applicable dates.
  • The percentage bar indicates the progress of the entire credential.

  • You may utilize the search bar above to narrow down your options for the training(s) by searching keywords of the title of the courses/activities within the credential. 


  • The percentage bar on each topic (e.g. Pediatric Emergencies) indicates your progress for that specific topic. 
  • All populates all training(s) (both Completed and Training That Applies) that apply to the credential.

  • Completed populates only the completed training taken by the user from the required training for the credential.

  • Training That Applies populates only the remaining courses and/or activities that apply to the credential (excluding the completions)

  • Completions credited toward overflow topics will now appear in italics within the original topic, and shown in normal font (not italicized) within the overflow topic.

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