My History

The My History page shows all completed assignments by the user. The assignments can be sorted by Type, Name and Completion Date.

Any previously completed course curriculum can be reviewed by clicking on the course’s title in the History section. Please note users are unable to retake exams, they are only able to review the material.

Users can click on the Magnifying Glass Icon for an overview of the Assignment Details. This provides specific information about the completed  course, such as the assigned dates, and how long the user spent in the course. 

With completed  activities, the Magnifying Glass Icon brings up the Review Completed Activity page, which offers activity information. 

Some courses have additional icon options under the Details column. These icons give users the ability to view and print their completion certificate, evaluate the course content, and review notes taken during the course. 


Users can access and print certificates for completed courses by clicking on the Ribbon Icon in the History section. 

Evaluate Course Content

After taking a course, users are asked to rate the course and leave a comment. The will open the Course Evaluation box, which is another opportunity for users to leave a comment on the course. 

If a user comments on a course, the comment will be sent to TargetSolutions and our staff will reply to the comment. Users will be notified in the Notifications box. 

Course Notes

Users can view their completion date and any notes they made while taking the course.


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