Edit Shift Pattern

With the Shift Schedule Builder, administrators can easily manage their staff’s shift schedule. Here’s how it works:

  1. From the Home page, select the gear icon on the top right of the calendar application. The Shift Rotation Builder page will appear.
  2. The first step in setting your schedule cycle is determining what day will begin the first rotation. Click the date box (or Calendar Icon) next to Start Rotation Pattern On and choose the first day of your desired cycle.
  3. Determine how many days are in your rotation. You can  or . For instance, if you have three days in your staff’s rotation, you should have three boxes in the Shift Rotation section.
  4. When adding new days to the pattern, the boxes will emerge as empty boxes. To designate the shifts with a specific color, drag a colored box from the Available Rotation Colors directly into the empty boxes in the Shift Rotation section.

    If you wish to make a color change to the Rotation Pattern, you can easily drag color boxes from the Rotation Pattern back into the Available Rotation Colors section and start the process over. Make sure you drag the box all the way back into its own color. For example, if moving a green box from the Shift Rotation, move it directly into the green box in the Available Rotation Colors section.
  5. The rotations will appear in the order they are placed in the Shift Rotation section. When satisfied with the order of the colors, click 
  6. You will be returned to the Home page and the new rotation schedule will be visible on the calendar application.

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