2015 ISO Changes

As of January 1, 2015, departments tracking ISO training hours with TargetSolutions will no longer receive training credit for daily apparatus checks. If you still desire to capture the activity for internal documentation, you can certainly continue to record completions as you have, but in your Annual Training Trackers the activity must be deleted, such that the hours are no longer included.


Edit the Activity

1. Under Administration, open the Activities Builder. Then select the activity titled Daily vehicle maintenance/inspection, NFPA 1002 4.2


2. Click Edit Activity Settings.


 3. Deselect all boxes under Options, and remove the Company Tag. Then, click Save.


 *If you wish to continue using the activity for internal purposes, you can leave the boxes checked under Options. However you will still want to remove the tag, and continue on through the rest of the steps.


Copy your Credential

4. Under Administration, select the Manage Credentials Application. Open your Training Tracker Driver Operator credential.


 5.Click the Gear Icon to open Credential Options.


 6. Scroll to the bottom and click Copy.


 7. Choose a name for your updated credential, one so you can differentiate between the new and current ISO tracker. Check the box to Copy All Users and then click Continue.



Remove the Activity from the Credential

 8. This will open your identical credential. Click the down arrow next to Company Training to show all the applicable courses and activities.


 9. Scroll down to Daily vehicle maintenance/inspection, NFPA 1002 4.2 and click on the title. Then, click Delete.



Update the Credential Dates

 10. Click the gear icon on the Users box.


 11. The dates will need to be updated to the next year. To mass-update, click Modify Users.


 12. Click Select All Visible and then click Continue.


 13. Put in the new year’s dates: 01/01/2015 – 12/31/2015. Then click Finish.



Repeat steps 4-13 for the Training Tracker Firefighter and the Training Tracker Officer Credentials

14. You will now have 6 ISO credentials. The old ones you will keep for records purposes, so you can run a Credential Summary report and see what your users completed in 2014. The Daily vehicle maintenance activity is still in the credential because for 2014 those hours were acceptable. Going forward with your training, you will be using the new version of the credential, without the Daily vehicle maintenance activity included. If you would like to hide the old versions of your credentials, click here for instructions.


For more information on the ISO Solution, please click here.