Optional Services

A Check America: A Check America is an optional service that allows you to track your employees’ driving records and receive notifications of any activity. For more information about this service, please contact TargetSolutions at (800)840-8048.


American Heart Association – Basic Life Support: Designed specifically for first responders, TargetSolutions is pleased to offer the American Heart Association's BLS Part 1. This online course provides departments with an alternative to traditional classroom-style training – enabling firefighters and paramedics to complete the didactic portion of the curriculum at their convenience. Once complete, first responders can finish the hands-on skills practice session and skills test with an American Heart Association instructor before receiving their certification cards. For more information on the AHA BLS offering, please contact TargetSolutions at (800)840-8048.


Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Cost-Benefit Analysis highlights the savings you receive as a TargetSolutions client. Included in the analysis is a formal report you can share with members of your organization. To request a Cost-Benefit Analysis, please contact TargetSolutions at (800)840-8048.


Content Authoring Software: TargetSolutions offers a Content Authoring Software that allows you to easily build your own engaging, multi-media training content. The Software is the Articulate Studio Standard ’09. For more information, please contact TargetSolutions at (800)840-8048.


Telestaff Integration: TargetSolutions offers the ability to integrate Telestaff into your training platform. This integration allows you to upload a Telestaff roster at any time. If you would like more information about this feature, please contact TargetSolutions at (877) 944-6372.


Web Events: With Web Events, you can conduct online meetings with remote participants — all from within TargetSolutions online training and records management platform. Web Events features screen sharing, video conferencing, live chat, and VOIP. In addition, TargetSolutions’ Event Manager helps you manage invitations, track registrations and run attendance reports. Web Events is available for a $499 one-time set-up fee, plus $699 per year per named host. For more information on obtaining access to this feature, please contact TargetSolutions at (877) 944-6372.