How to Assign an Outside Resource

Assigning uses to view a resource, such as a video or PDF, takes 3 steps:

1. Add the resource to the File Center

2. Attach it to a custom activity

3. Assign out the activity to your users


1. Add the resource to the File Center

A. Open the File Center.


B. Click Upload File or Add Link.


C. If the file is saved on your computer, drag it to the uploader. In our example we will use a PDF.


D. If you are uploading a link to a website, click Web Address and then enter the URL. Click Add.



2. Attach it to a Custom Activity

E. Under Administration, select Activities Builder.


F. Select Create a New Activity.


G. Pick a Category, choose a Name, and then fill out any other relevant information. Then click Save.


H. This is your activity. Add any components from the list on the right that you need tracked. Most importantly, you need to add a Resource.


I. Select the resource from the File Center and add instructions. Require an E-signature if you want to be sure they opened the attachment.



3. Assign out the activity to your users

J. Under Administration, select Create New Assignment.


K. Check the box next to the name of the activity that you just created. Then click Continue.


L. Choose the users desired users from Column 2. Once selected, they will appear in Column 3. You can narrow down your search by using Column 1.


M. You can now select Start and Due Dates, as well as Email Notification Settings. Click Submit when finished.