Save and Assign Overview


The Save and Assign application allows Administrators and Supervisors the ability to partially complete an activity and assign it to users. The application is accessed from the Administration window, underneath Record Completions. 

There are 3 steps to the Save and Assign application: Select Activity, Choose Users, and Fill-In Data. Under the administration tab you will see the Save & Assign Application option indicated by the Custom Activities Icon with a green plus sign. 




The first screen you will be brought to is the Select Activity page. This page will look similar to the activities select page in Record Completions. Please note the activities pod will be empty upon first access. Activities must be designated to appear in this application from the Activities Builder. Please see the Save and Assign Activity Settings article to learn how to designate an activity to appear in Save and Assign. 




The next page is the Choose Users step, featuring the User Select Tool. This is where you will choose the users you are selecting to Save and Assign the activity to. It is the standard user select tool you will find in other platform applications.  


Once the activity and users are selected you will be brought to the Fill-In Data page. 

The top section of the Fill-In Data page will look just like Create New Assignments. You have the ability to view/edit the selected users, set email assignment reminder settings, and enter Start and Due dates.

Below this you will see two Asterisk options which describe the meaning of the 2 types of ‘required’ indicators:

  • Single Red Asterisk – The component is required before saving and assigning the activity.
  • Double Blue Asterisk – The component is required to be filled out by the user once the activity is assigned.




Please see the Save and Assign Activity Settings article to learn how to require responses from assigners and users.

The assigner will need to fill out all information with the single red asterisk before they can successfully save and assign the activity. The assigner is free to fill out any other information, including elements marked with double blue asterisks. Any elements left blank will be available for the User to fill in and any marked with the double blue asterisk will require a response from the user before they are able to complete the activity.

Once the assigner clicks the Save and Assign button, the assignment will be sent to the user. Any components filled by the assigner will appear locked and the user will see a yellow information bar stating the name of the assigner.

Please see Completing Assignments Created Using Save and Assign to learn how the user will experience assignments created using Save and Assign.


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