Completing Assignments Created Using Save and Assign

For platform managers, assignments created using Save and Assign will function just like an assignment created using Create New Assignment. It will appear with start and due date in the schedule and My Assignment. It will show up on incomplete assignment reports. The assignment will also appear in Manage Assignments if you need to change the dates or delete the assignment.

The difference between assignments created with Create New Assignment and with Save and Assign lies in the user experience of the assignment, specifically the appearance of the activity after the user opens from the schedule or My Assignments.


The pre-filled elements entered by the assigner will appear locked. This is indicated by the darker gray highlight.

A message will also appear at the top of the activity in a yellow box. The message will indicate that some fields have been pre-filled and locked. It will also show the name of the assigner. All normal activity completion rules will apply. The user will need to provide a response for any unlocked components marked with the required red asterisk. The user can Submit the activity as complete once they have provided the required information.

Once the activity is submitted it will appear in the User’s history. After clicking the Details icon, it is visually apparent which components were filled by the user by a color differentiation. Darker grey indicates a field that was filled by the assigner and lighter grey indicates a field that was filled by the user completing the assignment.


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