Hosting Web Events

If an administrator has access to Web Events, they can check the Web Event box to create a Web Event during the event creation process. Please note only the event creator can start a Web Event.


Here’s how it works:


1. In Events, after a Web Event has already been created and organized, select the name of the event you want to start. 

2. From the Event Details page, click on the Join Web Event link. 

3. A new internet browser window will open and inform you that the meeting may be recorded. Click OK to proceed to the Web Event. Your account will remain open in the background.

4. Once you have launched a Web Event, your screen will display a combination following components, or pods: 

  • Participants: The Participants pod displays the names of users who have joined the Web Event. As creator of the Web Event, you will be assigned “host” access. All other users will join the meeting as Participants.
  • Chat: The Chat pod allows you to type messages to all participants or direct messages to select participants.
  • Camera: If you have hooked up a camera to your computer, the Camera pod allows you to broadcast a live video feed to participants. To start the video broadcast, click the Start My Camera and Voice icon in the Camera pod and then click to Allow camera and microphone access.
  • Presentation: The Presentation pod allows you to share presentations or web demonstrations with participants. Click My Computer Screen, select the monitor you would like to broadcast and click Share. Once you share your screen the Presentation pod will report, “Your computer screen is being shared by all participants.”


Note: Web Events can easily be recorded for use at a later date. Click here for more information.


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