Tips for Success

Large files can be difficult to upload into the File Center or Community Resources. Here are some simple tips that will help administrators with the process.

PowerPoints: PowerPoint presentations with pictures can pose a problem for administrators when trying to upload into the File Center. In addition, large files can also be difficult for users during the download. Here are some simple steps to help with the process in PowerPoint:

  1. Once your PowerPoint is complete, make sure to compress its images. Here’s how it works: In PowerPoint, select Save As from the File menu. Click the Tools dropdown menu and select Compress Pictures. From here, choose Web/Screen Resolution and leave all the other options on their default settings. This will make the images more ideal for web viewing.
  2. If you have the same picture on multiple slides, try removing the unnecessary images. This will also help minimize the file’s size.
  3. Avoid using animations unless absolutely necessary.
  4. If you are using a common background, make sure to use the slide master.
  5. If you are using a web link within your PowerPoint, the link may break when used on the Internet and will not be available for use.


Note: If you’ve tried these steps and your PowerPoint is still too large to upload, send it to TargetSolutions by using our upload site at and we will attempt to compress the file and upload the document for you. 

Hosted Videos: Administrators can upload videos without taking up extra space in the File Center. Simply select the Upload File or Add Link and browse for the video. The video selected will automatically be converted into an .flv file.


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