File Center Overview

The File Center, which is accessible through the Administration section, provides a secure online location for administrators to manage their organization’s resources, including files, links, or videos. For example, employee handbooks, policy documents, videos, PowerPoint presentations, or links to frequently visited websites can all be added by administrators for users to access.

Administrators can also post documents that are only visible for other administrators and supervisors of the site. The ability to upload and delete files is only granted to administrators, but all employees will be able to access the files that are uploaded.

Here's how to upload a file:

Click the File Center link on the left side to open the File Center. Then, click Upload/Add Link.

This will open the File Upload Tool. Drag and drop the file(s) from your computer into the uploader, or click the Add File button to browse through your available files. Then, click the Start Upload button.

Once the file is 100% uploaded, you can edit the Details in the box below. The file is now available in your File Center.


Please see the following links for more information about the File Center:

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